Publicity material  

Permission to display signs and posters that publicize sanctioned University events must be obtained from the Assistant Director of Athletics and Recreation. Any signs or posters deemed to be offensive by any member of the Pitt-Bradford community or a University visitor may be removed at the discretion of the staff. No signs or posters may be displayed on wooden surfaces, door fronts, or painted walls. See the appendix for the official University Posting Policy.


All facilities must be reserved for use in advance with Richard Kahle or Mick McMillan, the Facility Manager. A master schedule for all Sports Center facilities is located in the main office.

Personal Conduct  

All persons are expected to adhere to the student code of conduct set forth in the Student Handbook at all times while in the Sports Center. The Facility Manager has the authority to ban anyone from the Sports Center if he or she does not conduct himself in a responsible and mature manner.

Controlled Substances  

The consumption or possession of a controlled substance is prohibited in the building.

Tobacco Products  

The use of tobacco products, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco, is prohibited in all University buildings.


Pets are not permitted in any area of the building.


Any form of gambling is prohibited by University and State Law.


Bicycles are not permitted in the building. Bike racks are located outside the front entrance of the building.

Equipment Check Out  

A valid Pitt-Bradford I.D. card is required in order to check out any sports equipment. The I.D. will be held until the equipment is returned.

Dress Code  

All patrons are required to wear appropriate footwear when using the facility (Sandals, clogs, boots, etc. are considered inappropriate footwear).