Visitors Guide

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports

300 Campus Drive   Bradford, PA 16701-2898   

814-362-7520      FAX  814-362-7503

Directions form Buffalo/North Areas

Take Rt. 219S to Bradford.  Take the Forman St. Exit, turn right at the stop sign.  At the next stop sign (intersection of Forman and Davis St.) turn left onto Davis St.  At the next stop sign (Davis and Boylston St.) turn right onto Boylston.  Continue on Boylston, at the “Y” go right onto W. Washington St.  Continue on W. Washington for 2 miles then turn left onto Dorothy Lane.  Turn left at the Sport & Fitness Center and continue on Campus Drive to the parking lot on the right.


Eastern PennsylvaniaAreas

Take Interstate 80W to Pennfield exit (Rt. 153N).  Follow Rt. 153N to Rt. 219N to Bradford.  Take the Elm St. Exit.  At the stop sign turn left and proceed under the overpass.  Cross the railroad tracks onto Davis St. and go to the stop light (intersection of Davis and Main St.).  Go to the stop sign and turn left onto Boylston St.  Continue on Boylston, go right at the “Y” onto W. Washington St.  Continue on W. Washington St. for 2 miles.  Turn left onto Dorothy Lane.  Turn left at the Sport & Fitness Center and continue on Campus Drive to the parking lot on the right.


The Pittsburgh Area

Take Interstate 79N to Interstate 80E.  Take Interstate 80E to Exit 8 (Shippenville, Rt. 66N).  Follow Rt. 66N to Rt. 6E to 219N to Bradford.  Follow directions from the Elm St. Exit above.


Training Room Facilities


Athletic training facilities are located in the Richard and Ruth McDowell Sport & Fitness Center and your team is welcome to use them.  An athletic trainer will be available for your taping and emergency treatment needs.  Please bring your own taping and wrapping supplies.  Items and services available: ice, water, cups, coolers, whirlpools, hot packs.  A prescription signed by a certified athletic trainer and/or your team physician is necessary for treatment requiring electrical muscle stimulation and/or ultrasound.  If a special form of treatment is required, please call 814-362-5019 in advance.


Locker Rooms


Locker rooms are located in the Sport & Fitness Center on the field house side of the building.  Visiting teams are responsible for supplying their own towels and locks.  Teams will be directed to the locker rooms upon arrival.


Dining Options


Pizza Hut                     101 W. Washington St.            362-7493

Perkins                         31 Bolivar Dr.                         368-5873

McDonald’s                 141 Main St.                           362-6232

Subway                      48 Davis St.                            368-2576

Subway                      18 Foster Brook Blvd.              368-7930

Burger King                1008 E. Main St.                     362-4768

Lighthouse                 26 Bolivar Dr.                         368-5111

Rookies Sports Bar      211 Main St.                          368-9990

Metz & Associates       University Dining Services      362-7582

Chu-Lee Gardens        405 E. Main St.                      362-4700

Arby’s                        75 Forman St.                         362-4902

Hong Kong Buffet       1020 E. Main St.                     362-8158

Togi’s Family Rest.     412 E. Main St.                        368-6447

Farm Family Rest.      545 E. Main St.                        368-3733

Beefeater’s                 27 Congress                             362-9717

Bradford Texas Hot     1020 E. Main St.                      362-0393

Additional options



Lodging Option

Best Western 101 S. Davis St. 362-4501

Comfort Inn 76 Elm St. 368-6772

Heritage Suites 139 Minard Run Rd. 362-6820

Holiday Inn 30 Tarport Drive Ext. 362-7090

Additional options

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